You Slay Me

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Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Kathleen Baldwin, romance novelist

It's been several years since I had this much fun reading a book. I admit it-I'm a jaded author who thought she'd seen it all. I started reading with some skepticism because the book is written in first person. Ha! Katie Macalister astonished me. Bravo! She certainly knows how to weave a tale! Her heroine, Aisling Grey, scores high with a delightful mix of clueless-ness and bravado. Wait till you see the mess she gets herself into...

Aisling has a surfer dude ex-husband to support, so she hires on as a courier for her uncle's business. Her first job goes terribly awry when she lands in Paris with a French phrase book, a priceless relic in her briefcase, and a delivery address that leads her to a dead patroness. Enter the dragon...

It amazes me how the author weaves this complex mystical hero's character so vividly. Not only is he an extremely masculine hero, but at times, I actually visualize him vacillating between dragon and man. Drake Vireo is wyvern of the green fire-breathing dragons. (If you are like me, not experts on dragon lore, a wyvern is leader of a dragon pack.) Naturally, dragons crave treasure. Consequently, Aisling is robbed of the golden bowl she was supposed to deliver to the dead woman. Thus begins the wonderful tension between these two characters.

When Aisling decides to fight fire with fire (no pun intended), she summons up a demon. Too bad she used the cheapest possible conjuring ingredients-resulting in an inept outcast demon in the form of a hilarious shaggy-haired Newfoundland. Her canine helper from the underworld only makes matters worse. Aisling and her talking dog end up on the run from the law while trying to heist back their treasure from the big bad sexy dragon.

Packed with delightful characters, this anecdotal modern fairytale will have you shaking your head and laughing out loud. I'll be honest and tell you right up front. What I didn't like about this book was the ending-that is, that there was one!

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