Would Somebody Please Send Me to My Room

Published By: Glenbridge Publishing,

Book Category: Fiction, Humorous

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

My kids are so old they are out of our house and our wallets—at least most of the time.

Parenting, viewed in glorious hindsight, surely was easy—except maybe those teen years. When kids are little they try your parenting know-how; when they are teens they try your patience and everything else. If you raised them right, and some good luck prevailed, they try and hopefully succeed in becoming good human beings.

Harried parents, chaotic situations, second guessing our decisions are all fodder for humor—and Bob does it well. Sometimes all you can do is laugh (but just don't let the kids see you do it).

As a syndicated columnist of "Parent to Parent," Bob has captured the everyday joys and horrors of parenting, and all the while you read, you are smiling and laughing out loud. I know I did. What a hoot!

Armchair Interviews says if you are in the thick of raising kids, give yourself a gift. If you are grandparents, you know your own kids need this book"because you raised them and remember all their tricks, trials and tribulations. It is only justice they suffer as you did…and laugh about it.

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