Wistrix Donn

Published By: Bohemian Ink Pub

Book Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

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Reviewed by Bob Pike CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame

This is an ambitious book that should probably be attempted by only a true fantasy aficionado. Well written with excellent character development, DeVries does (or attempts to do) in one book what would usually be accomplished over the course of a trilogy. As a result we are introduced to a large number of characters, settings, historical narratives and subplots that slow down and get in the way of the main story.

Wistrix Donn is a tower of amethyst that has been lost in time, but suddenly reappears at a time when blood feuds have erupted not only between dwarves and humans, but between clans that have been in alliance for centuries.

Star-crossed and outcast estranged lovers, Noetic and Ontic were anointed with a mission and a purpose, along with a mystery and a miracle by their god who was murdered. They are recalled from exile because they seem to be the only hope out of chaos.

Hordes of black armies appear, supernatural happenings both wonderful and terrible, and flesh-and-blood enemies with supernatural powers and guidance set the stage for the ultimate struggle and heartbreaking choices.

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