Winning the Divorce Wars: How to Protect Your Best Interests

Published By: Allworth Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

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Reviewed by Connie Anderso
"Sometimes, one partner, acting from need, greed, or merely a desire to punish the other partner, will try to grab all the marbles."

Author Ronald Sharp does NOT mince words in Winning the Divorce Wars. With 50/50 chance your marriage will end in divorce (down from 59% in 1979), that's a lot of grabbing! After handling over 2,500 divorce cases, he has written a damage-control manual for people who do not want to leave every decision to their lawyer.

The manual will help you go through a divorce in a position of strength with proper preparation and clearly defined goals, and suffer less stress and anxiety. It's important to know the laws and strategies to safeguard your rights relative to property, child support, child custody and alimony.

If you are already divorced, ideas in the book may help you modify parts as divorce judgments are not always final, especially if there are children.

"The one with the best records wins," is a mantra you should follow so you can help prepare--and win your case. Try to be like a librarian. You may not know all the answers, but you know where to look.

In the back of the book, Sharp lists great resources and summarizes what you should do
-- Plan for divorce before it happens
-- Define your objectives
-- Get a separation agreement
-- Make a custody plan
-- Make a property plan
-- Pick a divorce expert for your lawyer
-- Never take legal advice from your spouse
-- Negotiate, rather than go to trial
-- Give the judge something to hang his/her hat on
-- Throw your spouse a bone
-- Do not use the children as a weapon
-- Be certain that a divorce is what you really want.

Armchair Interviews says: In a divorce, if it is between you or your spouse, you will want to be the one who has read this book. Understanding the divorce process will take some of the mystery out of it.

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