When Your Teen Is Struggling

Published By: Harvest House Publishers

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Family & Relationships

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Reviewed Mark M. Owen, Ph.D.

If the world of advice for parents of teenagers is a vast ocean, then Mark Gregston's book, When Your Teen Is Struggling, is an island that rises above.

At two hundred pages, it's small enough to be read in a few sittings, but don't let the size fool you. The book is packed with useful insights into the lives of troubled teens, giving parents a solid understanding of potential problems and suggestions for meaningful solutions. For parents lucky enough to have a non-troublesome teen--if such a thing exists--then this book is still worthwhile reading, if only to be forearmed and forewarned against what can and does happen to some kids as they mature.

Gregston's credentials are impeccable. He is the founder Heartlight Ministries, a Christian center for teens. He works with families dealing with all kinds of problems. But most importantly he's been in the trenches for years dealing with the issues he writes about. When you read the book you get the sense that you're hearing a sage talk to you one-on-one. I lost count of the examples he provided, but I appreciated his candor in describing his lessons learned from his experiences, both good and bad.

It's rare when a self-help book is hard to put down. Gregston draws you in with heartfelt stories that are sometimes horrifying, sometimes amazing, but always intriguing. When you've finished reading the book, you'll surely want to tell a friend about it. It's that kind of book.

As for weaknesses in the text, they are small and few. The book could have benefited from a couple of figures or diagrams to help communicate some of the stepwise processes he offers. Gregston might have also used numbered lists on occasion to help clarify things here and there.

Some non-Christians might be bothered by the frequent use of scriptures to help convey a message, but I would argue that all references to God could be omitted, and the book would still stand tall.

Armchair Interviews says: A must read for every parent!

Author's Web site: http://www.dealingwithstrugglingteens.com

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