When Things Get Crazy with Your Teen: The Why, the How, and What to Do NOW

Published By: McGraw-Hill

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Family & Relationships

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Reviewed by Alex McGilvery

(Also available in audiobook)

Have you ever wondered when the aliens abducted your sweet little child and left a monster in their place? If you have, then this book belongs on your bookshelf. When Things Get Crazy With Your Teen written by Michael Bradley is a hands-on immediate response to the most common insanities of living with a teen. While he gives some of the theoretical background to why your teenager is acting like she is, the main emphasis of the book is simple advice on how to respond without escalating a discussion about hairstyle into a major battle. (page 12)

The situations that Michael covers range from hair, clothes and hygiene through issues at school to the truly terrifying specters of sex, drugs and violence. There is no magic formula here. Following the practical advice contained in this book will not restore/make your teen back into the obedient and respectful child that they once were. What it will do is give parents hope that they, and their teen, can survive all manner of crises.

Michael Bradley shows very convincingly that all the struggles of the teen years are essential to growing healthy adults. He doesn’t set out to give parents tools to change their teens, but give parents what they need to change themselves. As he says throughout the book, it isn’t about controlling the teen, but teaching them. Again and again he explains that changing the way we respond will change the way our teen acts while teaching them valuable lessons on the way to maturity.

I would strongly recommend this book for anyone who has teens in their life, or children who are close to their teen years. It is never too early for parents to begin practicing the skills that will help us effectively walk through the teen years with our children.

Armchair Interviews says: This book contains excellent practical advice dispensed with humor and compassion.

Author’s Web site: http://www.YesYourTeenIsCrazy.com

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