What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Getting Pregnant

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Reviewed by Maria Hoeffer

Are you or someone close to you trying to get pregnant? Then this is definitely the book for you!

Raymond Chang, MD, clearly outlines how to boost fertility in couples that are struggling to get pregnant. His primary focus is on traditional Chinese medicine, but he also offers some information on foods, vitamins, herbs and other supplements that can be helpful to fertility.

Especially impressive is Chang's ability to clearly explain both the conventional Western approach to fertility as well as more natural traditional approaches. Often when writers describe Chinese medicine, it can sound esoteric, confusing and downright batty. Chang is able to speak in terms of Eastern and Western medicine in a manner that allows the couple to feel empowered and able to work with their natural fertility rather than feel helpless and "infertile," as they are often labeled by conventional medicine.

Chang provides a very balanced view of fertility and integrates both Western and Eastern medicine to allow couples to boost fertility and become pregnant. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Getting Pregnant is a must read for any couple that is struggling to conceive.

Armchair Interviews says: Good advice for couples.

Author's Web site: http://www.meridianmedical.org/team_rc.html

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