Veiled Freedom

Published By: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Book Category: Fiction, Christian

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Reviewed by Edyth Abraham

It is 2001 and Kabul, Afghanistan is rejoicing. They have just been released from the tyrannical rule of the Taliban. Finally, women can show their faces, can vote in elections and basically enjoy human rights.

Fast forward eight years. The Afghan people realize that things are not as they had hoped. The Americans have disappeared and the Taliban has been replaced with another form of tyranny: violence and bribery. Amy Mallory, an American relief worker, arrives in violent Afghanistan, eager to make a difference, eager to allow her life to instigate change in others. But she soon discovers that trying to be part of a foreign society that treats women so differently is not as easy as it looks.

Steve Wilson, a soldier that aided in liberating Afghanistan, returns to Kabul as security chief for one of the minster. He becomes jaded by the corruption and violence in the country. Jamil, a native has returned to Afghanistan seeking employment. However, the secrets of his past are hindering his path. All three individuals are seeking peace and freedom from their ideas and fears. Will they be able to find it before it is too late, with God’s help?

A wonderfully written novel, Veiled Freedom, held me captive from the very first page. Author Windle has provided exquisite details regarding the Afghani life of a native, a western women and a soldier. I found the novel to be highly educational (I almost felt like I was reading a very interesting tour guide!) as well as entertaining as it intricately weaved in and out of their lives. In North America, it is often difficult to imagine a society like that. But Author Jeanette Windle has done a wonderful job of giving us a peek, albeit from a safe distance! The power of forgiveness and God’s ability to provide second chances were very evident in the book as the characters learned to forgive. I enjoyed the ending immensely and the pace of the book was just right.

This book is highly recommended and I am definitely looking forward to her next novel!

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