Vampire Zero: A Gruesome Vampire Tale

Published By: Broadway

Book Category: Fiction, Horror

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Reviewed by Diane Snyder

He was her mentor, her partner and a hero – but now she was on a hunt to kill him. It was a desperate plan to eradicate the remaining vampires, but it has failed.

Laura Caxton is head of the new Special Subjects Unit (SSU) whose focus is to rid the area of vampires and half-deads. U. S. Marshall Jameson Arkeley had been the ultimate authority on vampires but now he has become a predator and a monster. Arkeley and Caxton had been partners but Arkeley made the sacrifice to became a vampire, thinking he would be strong enough to resist the persuasion of the curse long enough to locate and eradicate any remaining vampires.

Arkeley, however, has succumbed to the lure of immortal life and the evil of blood thirst and has become a killer and a beast – no long any trace of the human he used to be. Caxton, the one who knew him best, is the one that will have to find and kill him before he becomes a maker of vampires – also known as a ”ňúvampire zero.’ Arkeley is seeking out all those he loved to offer them eternal life as a vampire. Their choice – to become a vampire or die.

Caxton must protect the remaining members of Arkeley’s family, including his two teenage children, while still hunting him, the remaining vampires and the half-deads. Caxton is dedicated and driven, working by her own rules, often spinning out of control with aggression. And, she shows no conflict in her goal to kill the monster that was once her former mentor.

The author, David Wellington, writes a strong plot that stays focused on a really good story line. The action keeps on the move throughout with taunt and gripping suspense.

This is the third novel in a series featuring Laura Caxton and Jameson Arkeley. Although the story stands alone, reading the first two in the series would give more information and insight into the complex character of Jameson Arkeley.

The ending left some loose threads so hopefully there will be another in this dark series about vampires.

Armchair Interviews says: Really good read for fans of vampires.

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