Trading in Danger

Published By: Del Rey

Book Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

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Reviewed by Bob Pike, CSP, CPAE Speakers Hall of Fam
Chairman/CEO - The Bob Pike Group, Founder/Editor The CTT Newsletter

Kylara Vatta is the only daughter in a family of sons. Rather than follow the path of successful insterstellar commerce that the family has built through generations, she chooses to attend her planet's Naval Academy. About to graduate near the top of her class, she instead is forced to resign in disgrace when a good deed done for an underclassman is used to embarrass the academy and the space force. This is a pattern for Ky, many of her good deeds - which are truly good, seem to be punished, rather than rewarded.

The family decides that the media attention is unwanted and solves the problem by putting Ky in charge of one of the family's oldest ships. She is to captain the "Glennys Jones" on a final trading journey and then sell her for scrap. What Ky doesn't know is that this is a rite of passage that other family members, including her father, have gone through before her.

Ky's father and uncle are betting that, like family members before her, she will find a way to "trade and profit" that will enable her to refit the ship, bring her up to standards, and save her from the scrap heap. The family instincts are correct. Ky is well on her way to turning a profit on tractors on an independent contract when she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a civil war.

Her ship and crew are threatened, her intentions are misunderstood, and she finds herself forced by mercenaries involved in the civil war to take on passengers who turn out to be captains and senior crew from other civilian ships who happened to be in system when the war broke out.

Ky now finds herself dealing with a mutiny that threatens her life, her ship, and her crew. The sabotage which threatens her life, ship, and crew, brings a discovery of resources she never know she had, including a mysterious ship model she was given as she left the Academy in disgrace.

Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon is an easy-to-read, believable, fast- paced novel that helps you to believe that good can really and finally triumph over evil.

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