To The Power of Three

Published By: William Morrow

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Writing/Publishing

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Reviewed by Jackie Baumgarten

There is no doubt that Laura Lippman has her finger on the social psychological pulse of the American teenager. In To The Power of Three, she examines the very complicated social terrain of high school relationships.

Perri and Kat, who have been life-long friends, bring Josie into the group in third grade. The three girls are inseparable until the summer of the junior year of high school when they, for no reason obvious to outsiders, just separate, Josie and Kat remaining friends and Perri going her own way.

The trio is reunited on the last day of their senior year when a shooting in the school bathroom leaves one dead, another in a coma and the third shot in the foot. Shock waves and regret go deep, leaving the community, their classmates and families to speculate what really happened, and then examine the part they may have played in this tragedy.

As Detective Sergeant Harold Lenhardt leads the investigation, things aren't adding up, people are protecting their secrets. As a byproduct of the investigation, he begins to think about the things his daughter will have to deal with as she becomes a teenager--and he doesn't like what he's imagining.

Armchair Interviews says: This novel gets below the surface of the issues to the real evil in our world, which is as innocuous as you can imagine, and that is scarier than someone hiding in the closet with a bloody axe!

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