Time Won't Let Me

Published By: HarperCollins

Book Category: Fiction, Humorous

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Reviewed by Richard Wilkie

Bill Scheft's sudden assault on the memory and senses in the opening chapter will have anyone who has ever been in a band during their school years equally laughing and cringing.

The story starts in 1967 as the garage band, The Truants, are the toast of Chase Academy, and the five members decide to record a vanity album. Several decades later, they all plan to reunite after being told that their album is now changing hands among collectors for a sum of $20,000 a time.

The 30-year school reunion is fast approaching. With the lure of a nostalgic gig, and perhaps the chance of re-recording their vinyl triumph with the bonus of reaping the financial rewards, as well as giving them all a much-needed ego-boost, they plan to reunite.

As you get further into the book, you also get further in to the band members' lives, and what makes them tick, and to a lesser extent, how they've found themselves where they are.

All this is accompanied by an insightful wit that only first-hand observation can lend a story.

This book is like a Dick Dale track, the notes (or rather words) rebounding inside your mind like a musical machine gun, with the undeniable kinetic energy of a good sixties track.

This is Scheft's second book, but the first I've read. I'll be looking out for his first, and hopefully that'll keep me happy until his third is published.

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