This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market

Published By: Third Child Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction, House & Home

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Reviewed by Debra Kiefat

This Sold House by Diane Keyes is a homeowner’s dream guide for preparing their house to sell. She has taken the mystery out of “staging your home to sell in today’s market.” In this instructive manual, she guides you through each room and explains how you can create bigger, brighter and warmer spaces for the prospective homebuyers to imagine themselves there.

Keyes provides anecdotal evidence of how simply paring away personal decorations, rearranging furniture, or adding a new color palette, can create a beautiful contemporary look. Not only do the homeowners see their living space through the eyes of a potential homebuyer, but also they can save a great deal of money and heartache. Although the art of staging was first promoted in the late ”˜70s, Diane quickly establishes in This Sold House that she has a natural gift for making suggestions that create a “visual impact,” which homeowners and real estate agents have relied on for the past 20-plus years.

While Keyes addresses the most obvious things to do that will result in a more effective selling campaign, she also speaks to the emotional issues that can tangle up an owner in their decision to sell–or not to sell their house. While these issues can slow down the selling process, she offers a look at how the seller may unintentionally sabotage the sale of their house.

Keyes offers a compassionate and empathic perspective to sellers, assuring them that the emotional transition to their new house is a part of the adventure.

This Sold House is definitely a keeper for my library. I am not planning to sell my house right now but I will definitely use the list of Quick Tips to start my house makeover.

Armchair Interviews says: Even if you aren’t selling right now, this book gives you some excellent ideas for making your home better.

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