The Women's Daily Irony Supplement

Published By: Creative Minds Press

Book Category: Fiction, Humorous

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

If you need a laugh--or several per page, you will get that in the "irony" of many ideas Judy Gruen writes about in her regular columns.

Judy's stories have appeared in her web-based column, "Off My Noodle," and in many other publications. Her audioblog is broadcast on . This is her third book of humor.

When I was reading this collection of columns, I'd think: This is my favorite--until I read my next favorite. I'd also think, jeez I should share this one with ______--whichever friend this bit of irony fit best.

How about the author's comparison to the status in her daughter's eyes of author JK Rowlings of Harry Potter fame--as the daughter compares Rowlings to her mom's status as a writer. Ouch. Darn kids.

The Oprah letter to God, in which Oprah talks about herself as Me and Myself with capital M as she describes all she has accomplished (with HIS help)--and how powerful she is in getting her listeners to be/buy whatever she advises. So tongue in cheek Judy's tongue may never be the same.

The day at the spa story was topped by her statement: If I had known they charged $85 to slather people in mud, I would never had paved the backyard.

Books like this with short stories/chapters are ideal length for that quick read when you are the carpool here and there--but you might start laughing out loud OR you never return from lunch and hide out so you can read them ALL now.

The humor, starting with the "irony" supplement title, to how well she really captures what a woman's life is like. Divided into six parts:

1. A Woman's Home is Her Hassl
2. Holidays and Hijink
3. Magnificent Obsessio
4. Reading this Warning Label May Kill Yo
5. Guys Do the Darndest Thing
6. Just Wait Till You Have Stretch Marks of Your Own

This is the book to have along ready for a quick read or to give a woman friend as a gift because you know she'll see her self in several stories--as you did.

Any book that can make me laugh at EVERY story deserves a 5-star rating from me.

Armchair Interviews says: Judy Gruen gives us much-needed laughter, and she is very funny without using any bad language or putting others down.

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