The Very Best Baby Name Book In The Whole Wide World

Published By: Meadowbrook

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Reference

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

The Very Best Baby Name Book In The Whole Wide World lists over 50,000 names and gives their origins, meanings, variations, and famous namesakes. It also lists the top name choices in years past, and popular names around the world. If you can't choose a name after thumbing through this book, then your child could very well be destined to remain nameless because I'd be willing to bet they're all listed.

And while you're contemplating the perfect name for your child, you can peruse these interesting side stops:

  • Positive or negative impressions that names make

  • Significance of a particular name, for example, whether a name signifies an athletic, beautiful, blonde, intelligent, nerdy, old-fashioned or quiet person
  • Gender-neutral names
  • Famous namesakes (in various categories)
  • Names celebrities give their children
  • Famous people who have changed their names.

    Did you know that Andrea is of Greek origin and means strong and courageous? Do you even care? Well, it was fun to check out various names.

    In case you writers haven't thought of it, a baby name book is a great way to choose the names of your book characters.

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