The Ultimate Guide to Chick Flicks

Published By: Broadway

Book Category: Non-Fiction,

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

What's a chick flick? If I have to explain, this book is NOT for you. Most women know intuitively what they think makes a "chick flick," but after reading this guide, they will understand what elements make up the best chick flicks; the ones we gush to girlfriends, "You have just got to see!"

American's movie sweetheart (someone women will love as much as men do) today is Julia Roberts, with Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock close behind. Can we think of Meg Ryan without remembering the scene in When Sally Met Harry? We ALL wanted what she was having.

Did you join millions of women who bought a polka-dot dress after seeing a bad girl become a fashion plate in Pretty Woman? You get the idea. We buy into these heroines, what they wear and how they treat men (and are treated by men).

I loved these subtitles under How to Create the Perfect Romance.

  • Create a sympathetic heroine.
  • Offer up a love-worthy hero (we know, the Tom Hanks type).
  • Don't forget the best friend.
  • Something is wrong with the heroine type.
  • They meet.
  • Toss in impediment to the romance.
  • They dance.
  • Memorable moment (like Angela Bassett torching her wandering husband's car in Waiting to Exhale. You go girl!).
  • The hero employs the three magic words.
  • Achieve the ultimate happy (or unhappy ending).

    Armchair Interviews highly recommends this book as fodder for girlfriend conversation over a fudge brownie sundae. It made me check out my video (yes, video) supply. There I found almost every one of the often-watched movies mentioned in the book. Am I into chick flicks, or what?

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