The Teacher

Published By: Port Town Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Suspense

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Reviewed by Elysabeth Eldering

WARNINGS: 1) Don't start or read this psychological thriller at night; 2) if you ignore warning #1, sleep with your lights on; and 3) never ever let your grandmother read this book). These should have been on the back cover of The Teacher for the simple reason that psychological thrillers really know how to make a person feel as if this is happening to them.

This is definitely a "Hannibal meet Clarence" story. The bounty hunter out for revenge on Clarence Emery refers to everything like a Silence of the Lambs scenario, except that The Teacher doesn't eat his victims.

I slept with the lights on for several nights in a row due to nightmares--as well as some daymares--but I really did enjoy the book. The first few murders and the details that followed were pretty grim, and as the story went on, the descriptions became less so but I was still enthralled to keep reading.

I had to know how they caught Clarence and who would survive and at what cost. I definitely felt this was a page-turner, so much so that my binding has started to come out near the end of the book.

If you like psychological thrillers or loved Silence of the Lambs, then The Teacher will prove to be a story that keeps you interested and reading until the very end. You will find yourself wanting to be a character in the book to actually help with the capturing and doing away with Clarence.

Armchair Interviews says: Robert Banfelder does an excellent job of keeping the reader on the edge.

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