The Subconscious Diet

Published By: Liberation Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Health & Fitness

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

This book is not what you think. You will not read about exercise and how many hours per week you should work out. It does not discuss food (those that are good for you and those that keep the scale rising). It doesn't even look at dietary supplements and proclaim them as a marvelous tool to help in the process of losing weight.

What The Subconscious Diet does is look at what it takes, day-by-day and over the long term to change thinking patterns and habits that prevent people from losing weight and keeping it off. Sanders wants dieters to establish a goal and then follow the mental processes in his book to help us follow through on that goal. He believes that if we follow the easy steps he's laid out, everyone will be able to 'push through' and achieve their goal of weight loss

I found it particularly handy that each chapter ended with a point-by-point "Things to be Remembered." Much of the information is things we all know, but it's a handy reference and reminder during the process.

Armchair Interview says: The Subconscious Diet may just help you change your thinking and lose those unwanted pounds

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