The Second Horseman

Published By: St. Martin's Press

Book Category: Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Suspense

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Reviewed by Jeff Foster

When a professional thief is mysteriously allowed to walk away from one of the most secure federal prison in the United States, a reader should pull that second safety belt over your other shoulder and make sure they are both secure--because you are in for a wild ride. Kyle Mills's latest novel, The Second Horseman is just that, a wild ride--a thriller.

Brandon Vale is in fact allowed to walk away from maximum security, and is quietly directed away from his pursuers and sequestered with a very special operative from a contract security firm whose main business is dealing with threats to U.S. security from those that want to do us harm.

Catherine Juarez is actually a neophyte special operative, but Vale is unaware of this. She is charged with getting him to Las Vegas where her boss Richard Scanlon, also Brandon's former employer, has a very special job for him, one that only someone with his very special talents can complete.

What devolves from this special operation is a sequence of events that will leads the world to the brink of total World War. Twelve nuclear warheads are for sale. The highest bidder will receive all twelve. What they do with these weapons should be of momentous concern to the West. Unfortunately none of the countries that may be most gravely affected by the detonation of these weapons has even the vaguest notion they are about to be sold.

Kyle Mills spins a fantastic and utterly believable story in The Second Horseman. His characters have a wit and real cynicism about their predicaments that is quite believable. His action sequences are planned down to minute detail, hurling you forward through the pages. What I found the most intriguing was the premise. It is frightening--given the current activities in the Middle East--and will make your flesh tingle.

Armchair Interviews says: A good summer read, definitely a book that may make you think twice about that trip to the Holy Land with your local tour group.

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