The Remedy for Regret

Published By: Harvest House Publishers

Book Category: Fiction, Christian

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Tess Longren lived 28 years on the sidelines of life, silently tormented by an unnamed past that has interfered with her ability to live life to its fullest. Now her boyfriend, Simon, is experiencing the aftermath of an accident where he feels responsible for the death of a woman and her child. And Tess is unable to help Simon lift himself from the depths of despair. Further complicating matters is the infidelity and ultimately the death of her friend Blair Holbrook's husband.

People are calling upon Tess to help and support them in their time of need, even when she is unable to reconcile her own tragedy: her mother's untimely death of within minutes of her birth.

As Simon begins to help himself, Tess embarks on a road trip with Blair to resolve a chapter in their life that occurred fifteen years ago when Tess, Blair and their friend Jewel found a crippled and abandoned newborn baby. While Tess believes that she is helping her friend find peace and closure, Tess is the one who ultimately finds the contentment in God that she has searched for all her life.

Susan Meissner, author of The Remedy for Regret, is the consummate storyteller who writes with a passion that is felt by the reader both physically and emotionally. I smiled, found myself nodding with understanding, and cried heartfelt tears. Meissner drew me in with an interesting and plausible plot, filled the landscape with inviting and likeable characters and then wove understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation throughout the scenes. She capped the novel off with salvation through God's unconditional love and gave us all hope. Armchair Interviews asks: And isn't that what it's all about?

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