The Printer's Devil

Published By: Little, Brown Young Readers

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Mog Winter is an orphan whose job is as an apprentice in a printing shop. The locals fondly refer to Mog as "the printer's devil."

After staying up late one night printing 100 wanted posters of the ugly "mug" of a man called Cockburn, Mog is instructed by his employer to deliver a bill to Mr. Flethick. That meeting with Flethick and his cronies drops kicks Mog into a grand and dangerous adventure where he is locked in a trunk, finds an item that appears to be linked with his past, comes upon thieves, a mysterious ship and oh so many other delicious things.

This entertaining adventure takes place in Victorian London and the style is reminiscent of a Dickens' novel. The sights, the smells, the dirt and the danger of the times and London itself come alive as Mog doggedly follows the many twists and turn of his journey to answers.

There are some hurdles to overcome in The Printer's Devil. The number of characters and odd names require a tally sheet--and I might have done something a bit different with the ending.

But Mog is delightful, his adventures are exciting and I enjoyed reading The Printer's Devil for the sheer fun of it. It took me back to my childhood and the memories of the many just plain fun reads. And that's a wonderful place to be. Paul Bajoria's talent lies in his ability to set the stage and tone of the book as much as it does in telling an exciting story.

There are many of my grandchildren who will spend hours steeped in the adventures of Mog. The sequel, The God of Mischief, will be released in September 2006. I can't wait.

Armchair Interviews says: As for The Printer's Devil? It's a keeper.

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