The Official Guide to Office Wellness

Published By: Bayla Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Humorous

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Reviewed by Linda Lee

Subtitled: 101 Techniques for the Office or Cubicle Work in an office?

Say your body aches and you have no energy? Have we got the book for you. This is a humorous look at life in a cubicle. There are pictures of each exercise as it is described. Some of them will make you wonder if the models are also contortionists.

One of these is the exercise for "gossip precision deficiency' and the book says it is the perfect technique for new employees. "Gossip is the lifeblood of corporate communication, but like any specialized skill, it should only be practiced by trained professionals." Doing the Dogfish Shark Bridge Position helps strengthen gossip basics.

The disclaimer strictly spells out the book as being for entertainment use only while explaining that if you try the exercises you'll end up hurt--and it will be your own fault.

Visualize this book being passed around the office and emails being sent describing which exercise needs to be done to alleviate chronic compliance disorder, vacation approval disorder or monitor pox.

Armchair Interviews says: Fun and funny--there are 101 techniques and at least that many laughs in this little book.

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