The Malloreon, Volume One

Published By: Del Rey

Book Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

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Reviewed by Bob Pike CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame

I read the three books that are contained in this single volume when they originally appeared. It was difficult waiting the 12-18 months between volumes. Each book is well-written, fast-paced, resolves things for the reader -- and then creates another dilemma which leaves the reader hanging -- until the next book was available.

The Malloreon Epic Series is the sequel to the equally gripping trilogy, The Belgariad. Eddings creates a mythical world -- the kingdoms of the West and the Angaraks and populates it with noble people you will come to love -- and villains you will justly despise.

Garion is a warrior who becomes King of Riva after slaying the evil God Torak. You will admire his sense of justice and right and wrong as the series evolves. Garion and his wife, Queen CeNedra, have an infant son who is kidnapped by Zandramas, the Child of Dark. If he cannot be rescued the boy will be used in a ritual that will make Dark Destiny supreme forever.

Joining Garion and CeNedra on the quest are Belgarath, the immortal sorcerer, and Polgara, Belgarath's slightly younger and equally immortal daughter, along with her mortal husband Goodman Durnik. In the Belgariad series we found Garion being raised by Aunt Pol (Polgara) on a farm until his destiny became clear.

In these first three books of the series, we are taken on a roller coaster as good battles evil while a child and a world's destiny are at stake. The group faces capture, battles demons, and confronts a fatal plague as they cross the foul swamps of Nyissa and journey through the inhospitable land of the Murgos.

Eddings creates characters that are at once noble and human. They rise to each challenge, yet on an everyday basis become short-tempered when faced with cold, hunger, dampness, etc. They will become the reader's friends -- and their enemies will become your enemies.

Armchair Interviews says: This is an exciting journey with three books in one volume so you're not required to wait.

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