The Lull-A-Baby Sleep Plan

Published By: Rodale Books

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Reference

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Reviewed by Jamie Driggers

Are you pregnant and dreading the sleepless nights to come? Do you have a newborn and you have forgotten what a good night's sleep felt like? Or is your six-month-old driving you bonkers at night (or maybe that's your best friend who brags that her children sleep through the night from day one)? The Lull-A-Baby Sleep Plan is written for you.

Layered throughout with tips and tidbits, Lull-A-Baby gently shows parents what mistakes they are making and suggests a better, no-cry method to get back to sleep. Dr. Tobin focuses on targeting the WOO (window of opportunity) where babies are most likely to learn sleep habits, whether they be good or bad. If parents can hit the WOO, and train their babies to self soothe, within days they will have peaceful nights.

I can't say that this method "worked for me" since my children are toddlers now, but I can say that there is much truth to what she teaches. With my first child, I made all the new parent mistakes that she highlighted. And I missed the WOO. Nights were sleepless for many months. When child number two came along, I hit the WOO quite by accident, but, thank goodness, saw an opportunity worth trying.

The methods I happened upon accidentally are exactly the methods Dr. Tobin suggests. And they really do work.

I promise my copy will be dog eared from all the hands I intend to pass it through and new copies will be at the top of my shower gift-giving list.

Armchair Interviews says: A must read for all new parents.

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