The Iron Girl

Published By: Minotaur Books

Book Category: Fiction, Mystery & Detective

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

There is no doubt that we are blessed with many talented mystery writers. There are, however, only a handful of books each year that are exceptional. Ellen Hart's The Iron Girl is one of those. I've read many of Hart's novels and while they are all well written, compelling and interesting stories, The Iron Girl is spectacular.

The death of Jane Lawless' life partner Christine Kane many years ago did not put closure on their relationship. With a new relationship beginning, Jane realizes she must move on. She begins the sad and disturbing job of going through the boxes of Christine's belongings that have waited for so many years. During the examination of Christine's possessions, Jane finds a gun. What is unusual is that Christine abhorred guns and that it actually belonged to an eccentric and wealthy Minneapolis family. This family had members of the household brutally murdered the night before Christine died of cancer.

Jane is unable to put aside the gun and other discoveries she's made. She is determined to learn what happened at the Simoneau household and how Christine fit in with the murders. As she searches, a Christine look-alike moves to town, clouding Jane's ability to think clearly.

Jane's past and present collide in a deadly and sensational manner. Only Jane can find out what truly happened. But it just might put her and others in a great deal of danger.

This latest episode in the Jane Lawless series is as emotional and dramatic as I've ever seen Ellen Hart's writing. Her plot is both fascinating and heart wrenching, the characters full-bodied and complex with all the real-life human frailties and vulnerabilities. The intensity of emotions is so real you'll find yourself drawn in and living the story.

Armchair Interviews says: The Iron Girl is one of the best and most intriguing mysteries of 2005. It is definitely a must read!

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