The God Particle

Published By: Del Rey

Book Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

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Reviewed by Bob Pike CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame

Steve Keeley is an American businessman in Zurich, Switzerland. He is one day from being engaged—and one week from getting the coveted vice president slot. He overhears his girlfriend having rough sex when her cell phone is accidentally turned on. This drives him to drink in a cabaret with Anna, a Russian prostitute, and later to be thrown from a three-story window.

He wakens from the fall thinking in strange ways, believing he has strange powers. He learns Anna and the bouncer are dead, the cabaret has been closed and the owner has disappeared. And no one can find any trace of the hospital he was in or the doctor that saved his life.

And to top that off, he now hears things and knows things like he is being followed though he can't see anyone. Then there is the field of some sort, filled with particles and points of light.

Meanwhile, in parallel time, Mike McBride is chief physicist for a $12 billion dollar super-collider project in Texas. He meets a news anchor, Kelly Smith, and is captivated by her beauty, wit and intelligence. They talk about Higgs Field that contains the God Particle he's trying to find. She becomes the catalyst to bring the storylines together.

The God Particle moves between Mike and Steve who's trying to understand what's happened to him and why. Mike is trying to deal with the politics of science, sabotage, and a best friend who is jealous of Mike's success—and is a sexual addict who is losing touch with reality and sabotaging their project.

Some readers will wonder why the sex scenes are necessary and others will find the easy dismissal of biblical faith disturbing. Some will be fascinated by how two sets of characters and two story lines are drawn together and merged into one. Others will find that all the scientific talk hurts their heads and they just want to stop thinking about it. Armchair Interviews says, hardly anyone will finish the book without strong feelings about what they have read.

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