The Genesis Secret: A Novel

Published By: Viking Adult

Book Category: Fiction, Horror

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Reviewed by Barbara L. Fielder

This novel places you squarely in the path of danger beginning with the grisly and upsetting attack and torture of a non-descript man, a caretaker who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What connects this horrible, cruel, disgusting and vicious attack in central London to an archeological dig in Turkey?
The author presents his well-crafted story from many different vantage points. You will become involved in the crime from the victim’s perspective as well as those who are tracking the psychopath responsible for the brutality. The killer uses ancient methods of torture that is, in the true sense of the word, a human sacrifice.

From the Hellfire Club in Dublin, Ireland, to the ancient ruins of Gobekli Tepe, a twelve-thousand-year-old site in Southeast Turkey, near the city of Sanliurfa, you will discover the compelling focus of the killer and his terrified intended victims.

Journalist Rob Luttrell, writing a story for his London newspaper, finds himself in many geographical locals in which ordinary people would likely avoid, but with a nose for a compelling story, Rob is sent on an assignment to Gobekli Tepe. His purpose is to satisfy his editor, write a story that informs a layperson about the dig and experience a more relaxed environment as he gathers his information at this archeological site. His previous harrowing assignment was in Iraq–and this story seemed pretty safe on the surface. Even though Rob’s current assignment seems quite straight-forward, he discovers it is fraught with danger.
In the midst of horrific, as well as historical events, Rob discovers what constitutes his true character. Just how far will he go emotionally for a story; to what extent he will commit his life to solving a gruesome murder mystery?

If you are squeamish or have trouble sleeping at night after reading graphic depictions of mayhem and human sacrifice, you may want to read this book with someone else in the room in order for you to discover The Genesis Secret.

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