The Four-Day Win

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Reviewed by Jan Warren

Dr. Beck suggests breaking a weight-loss effort into 4-day wins, which allows the dieter to handle any large undertaking. The Four-Day Win deals with science-based thought and behavior strategies and includes several psychological tests to help reveal what's going on inside of your diet-focused mind. After every chapter there is a page she's labeled as "Ridiculously Easy Daily Goal" sheet, which includes a "Daily Reward" and a "Slightly Larger 4-Day Reward" for accomplishing the chapter's assignment.

She says however hard you push your brain/body "famine" buttons, during dieting, that is the same force with which your brain/body will push back. This results in regaining the weight you lost and then some. (Veteran dieters can personally attest to this fact.)

A noteworthy quote from page 156; "Most overweight people make the mistake of trying to implement major changes in diet and exercise patterns while ignoring the pressures they're feeling in other areas of their lives. This is like trying to learn to meditate while sitting on a hot stove burner. Until the overall conditions of your life are gratifying enough to be enjoyable, you'll have nothing to support better eating and exercise habits and those habits will never form."

Interesting tidbit from Page 129; "Belly fat is often a signal that the body is creating a lot of stress hormones.
The Four-Day Win dwells heavily for over half the book on the first three stages in the transtheoretical model of change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, and preparation) with plenty of hands-on exercises to develop the skills necessary to permanent dietary life changes.

Warning: Before you decide to order this book, you should also know there are cuss words sprinkled throughout the text as well as several crass analogies posing as humor, many aimed at lawyers. However, if you are willing or able to overlook those shortcomings as well as the humanistic slant of the material, then The Four-Day Win might justify the expense. I give it 3 stars.

Armchair Interviews says: Another diet book to choose from.

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