The Crystal Pendulum

Published By: New Age Dimensions

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Sharon Broom

Rachel Marshall is divorced, living in England and is doing her very best to raise her precocious young daughter Grace by herself. She finds herself without much adult companionship and joins a spiritualist church (New Age) where she learns to work the Crystal Pendulum. When it is working, it will answer yes or no to the questions it is asked.

To support herself and Grace, Rachel works as an estate agent (realtor for Americans). Texan Jason Longbridge arrives in England and wants to look at properties. Rachel has soured on men but finds herself attracted to him. As she works with him to find a property, her attraction grows. The problem is that he is married.

Personally I'm not into New Age novels so I'll make that clear. But it does add an interesting aspect to the story. However, in this particular book I didn't find that it moved the story along very well. Mostly it seemed contrived, as did Rachel's illness (which kept Rachel and Jason in direct contact in order to develop the romance). The story had great possibility but there just didn't seem to be much sexual tension and I found my attention continually waning. I did like the twist at the end, however.

I think that West, who is British and resides in the UK, has potential as a novelist and shows good plot ideas that could be better developed. Then she would hit the mark. I'd like to see more of West's work as she matures as a writer. I think she could become really good.

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