The Camel Club

Published By: Grand Central Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Mystery & Detective

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

The Camel Club is a group of four of society's eccentric misfits that have, for one reason or another, dropped out of the everyday world. Their leader, "Oliver Stone," calls weekly meetings to discuss the various political conspiracies they believe exist in the world and in Washington D.C. in particular. Part of their job is to decide how they can prevent those conspiracies.

One late night on Roosevelt Island (which is located in the Potomac River), the club members witness the murder of Secret Service agent Patrick Johnson. The witnessing of that murder sets into motion a conspiracy of proportions the Camel Club never dreamed of and one that involves the highest levels of government. And the four men have targets on their backs that might just leave them very dead. Or, there might be a nuclear war that will impact the world forever.

There are tons of interesting characters and plotlines that make one wonder, just who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? If the reader remains patient they will receive a payoff in what is one more exciting and impressive read in David Baldacci's stable of fast paced and breathtaking fiction.

Armchair Interviews says: We'd read David Baldacci if he wrote the copy for cereal boxes. Yes, he's that good of a storyteller!

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