The Art of Redesign - 5 Simple Steps to No-Cost Redecorating

Published By: Sharp Redesigns

Book Category: Non-Fiction, House & Home

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Reviewed by Barbara L. Fielder

The title says it all, finally a home makeover book with a zero budget. Redesign is all about taking what you already have (the space, furniture, walls, big and small stuff) and creating a dynamic and appealing change.

The author will guide your application of the simple five-step system and guidelines that will give your home a brand new look.

Intertwined in the system and guidelines are real-life stories and examples of the joy that was felt by those whose homes Val redesigned.

The five simple steps include:

1) Taking everyone into consideration who lives in the home. Identifying what each person desires from the redesign is vital to your ultimate success.

2) Focuses on the space, its current and future utilization.

3) Helps you decide how to best use the big stuff in the rooms and where these pieces can be placed to better meet your needs and make a stunning impact.

4) Focus on the walls. Choosing where to hang art can be daunting. The author identifies how to experiment with placement without leaving holes in the wall.

5) Selecting the right place for the small stuff, those cherished accessories, without creating clutter.

To help you visualize the dramatic redesign transformations, the author has photographed many of her projects. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The results will certainly motivate you to begin your redesign–it did me.

Val recommends taking notes while you quickly read the book. Once you’ve completed the book it will be easy to apply the ideas in one project rather than in bits and pieces. This is great advice; when you follow it you will have the most successful outcomes from your own redesign efforts. Have fun; enjoy your redesign experience, and the results.

Armchair Interviews says: Check out this book to see how you could redesign your own space.

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