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Book Category: Non-Fiction, Poetry

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

The definition of "swither" means to suffer indecision or doubt. Robin Robertson's book of poetry, Swithering consists of a broad range of subjects--and there is no indecision in any of the poems.

Robertson is an adventurer and invites the reader along on his journey of realization, acceptance and wonder of the world, how it's viewed and the experiences people live.

Robertson's imagery is at times raw and harsh, other times it is exquisitely lyrical and sometimes it is sad, filled with longing or acceptance of what is.

Whether Robertson is writing about children, childhood, death, or desire, he invites the reader to join him in experiencing the everyday world in a new way.

I must have read What the "Horses See at Night" a dozen times, I was so taken with the descriptive quality of his words. I read aloud "Heel of Bread" more so because of the visualization and the way the words fall off the tip of the tongue in such a pleasing manner. "New York Spring" is a spectacular piece. And "To My Daughters, Asleep" made my heart pound with its simple truth.

Armchair Interviews says: If you enjoy precise and succinct poetry that speaks to your heart, you would do well to read, read some more and then read Swithering again, It is a most satisfying journey about life.

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