Spontaneous Tourism

Published By: CrystalOrb LLC

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Travel

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Reviewed by Maria Hoeffer

Americans today are busier and more prosperous than ever before. We say we want to travel but just never get around to it, don’t find the money for it, or just don’t know where to begin to plan a trip.

James Samans, a seasoned traveler himself, aims to get Americans traveling, both domestically and abroad. He establishes why travel is vital for Americans. He takes the guesswork out of basic traveling questions, getting you from the start of planning a trip all the way to the return home. By examining each piece of traveling–packing, paperwork, getting there, lodging, sights to see, food, etc.–Samans helps Americans new to traveling feel comfortable and well prepared for their trip.

Considerable time is spent discussing how to get to the destination: airplane, train, car, bus, cruise. By exploring many options, the reader feels freer to actually choose the best fit. This is also helpful for those who may be scared to fly. Who knew there were so many other viable options? Another extremely beneficial section describes many travel destinations, both domestic and foreign, which are suitable for a first-time traveler.

Each destination is given a brief description with highlights of places to see and the general vibe of the area. While this is certainly not the only information one would need to plan a trip, it does provide an overview and open the possibilities of many destinations to the reader.

Overall, Spontaneous Tourism is a great resource for Americans new to traveling to feel both excited and confident to travel the world!

Armchair Interviews says: Start planning—and then take that trip of your dreams.

Author’s Web site: http://www.SpontaneousTourism.com

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