Somewhere During the Spin Cycle

Published By: Press 53

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Poetry

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Reviewed by Cai Smith

The poetry of Joseph Mills is evocative, expressive and truly thought provoking. I've always envied those who can easily take their thoughts about the world and put them into poetry. Mills is such an author.

Though not a large volume, I found myself rereading several of the poems and getting a new meaning out of them. Some, I will admit, I did not care for, but I am sure that others would find them memorable or touching. My favorite poem is "Introductions Made Easy." I found myself agreeing with Mills' assessment of humanity--those who might improve with age and those we should enjoy now.

At just over 70 pages of poetry, the book is easy to read in one sitting, however, I found myself putting it down after certain poem--not because I didn't want to read more, but because I wanted to think more about what I had just read.

The poems deal with family, aging, death, observations about those around him, academia, acting, and many other subjects. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the majority of them. This book will go on my "keeper" shelf, and I will share it with others who will also appreciate these observations on life--during the spin cycle.

Armchair Interviews says: Humanity in the spin cycle--what a unique image.

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