Slow Burn

Published By: Ballantine Books

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Sharon Broom

Kate MacKenna is a positive person who always manages to come out on top, until lately, that is.

Kate attends a reception for an artist at a friend's house and is nearly killed in an explosion. Soon after she learns her dead mother has used her fragrance company as collateral for a large loan ($300,000) that is coming due in a few short weeks. It appears Kate just might lose the company she has grown and nurtured. To top everything off, she and her best friend Jordan are threatened -- and best friend has a breast cancer health scare sending Kate to her bedside.

Kate decides to face her problems in a more adult manner and to fight for and save her beloved business. Dylan, Jordan's brother, believes Kate's had some bad luck but changes his mind when he discovers there really are people out there who want Kate dead. But why?

There are twists and turns and suspense galore in Slow Burn. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the staggering problems Kate experienced at once. But the story is fascinating and I kept turning the pages, torn between wanting to finish the book yet wanting the excitement to continue.

I just have to share one funny item in the book. Garwood writes, 'Roger Mackenna came armed with a .45 to the reading of the will. He arrived at the prestigious law firm of Smith and Wesson....' This just cracked me up.

Armchair Interviews says: For a compelling and exciting read, you might want to try Slow Burn.

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