Seven Bridges

Published By: Deer Publishing

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Poetry

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Reviewed by Cheryl Hiltibran

Dessa Byrd Reed's book Seven Bridges is a journey in poetry, writing and self-help. Dessa's a poet, writer and teacher. Moving easily from rhymed-and-timed stanzas to free-range poetry, her poems are tear-producing, revealing and uplifting. Seven Bridges is a delightful read.

She continues to share her humble beginnings as a poet in this, her second book, The Butterfly Touch was her first. Unlike highly acclaimed and renowned poets whose poems stand alone as the hallmark of poetic art, Dessa, a natural teacher, allows her reader to experience the crafting of poetry as she shares some of the inspirational moments that inspired her poems.

Seven Bridges, published three years after her first book, is evidence that a poet gets better by writing more poetry. The book is organized into various themes with a reader can readily identify with, for example, the past, special moments, and as Dessa calls it "the silly."

I found myself smiling, laughing and crying as poems touched their mark. One poem, ten stanzas in length, titled "Moment of Truth" ends
"To receive the communio
Of epiphany.
How true. Her epiphany became mine. Another, I especially identified with is "Reading Friends,"

"I sometimes choose friends
like a book...
I linger with their laughter,
cry with their tears, fight
with their fears."

She encourages hopeful, aspiring poets with her self-help prose and her poetry. Demonstrating how thoughts, experiences and life are creative inspiration I was reminded of unfinished poems I have tucked away in forgotten file folders, perhaps, worthy of review.

The book is a tribute to her life philosophy that is: there is no need to plunge into the river of despair (and she could have, more than once), instead find a bridge and use it. Time spent on the bridge purifies and heals, moving the writer to healthier emotions and happier moments.

Armchair Interviews says: Want to put your poetry out there? Then read Seven Bridges as a crossing to poetic creativity.

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