Scrapbooks on the Go: Collect & Create While You Travel

Published By: C&T Publishing

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Crafts & Hobbies

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Reviewed by Sharon Broom

I love the concept of Scrapbooks on the Go but I'm not really sure how practical the idea is. It seems that each crafter needs to take into consideration her personality, travel mode (train, plane or automobile), space available for extra 'stuff' and time available to work on projects while traveling.

Author Jan Bode Smiley provides a wealth of information and includes the essential materials needed to work while traveling, discusses the importance of having a plan for your trip scrapbook, provides tips and techniques and a packing list. Smiley's list of interesting items to collect along the way is great (I would never have thought of collecting butterflies, leaves, luggage tags, tickets, etc.

Important: With new airline travel restrictions, check out what you are allowed to take on board the plane. You might find your precious material confiscated if you don't.

Smiley book is described as "not quite a scrapbook, similar to a journal, and a bit like a photo album." All the information you need to make a scrapbook on the go is in this book. You must decide how much you can and want to do while traveling.

Armchair Interviews says: An interesting read that will challenge the way you think about traveling and creating art.

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