Sacred Cows

Published By: Mysterious Press

Book Category: Fiction, Mystery & Detective

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Few things are as bad as a telephone call in the middle of the night; especially if you've got a huge hangover. But work doesn't wait and police reporter Annie Seymour rushes to a crime scene where a beautiful and naked Yale student has taken a dive from a balcony. Seymour's newspaper doesn't really like covering things that might disparage the university, and the fact that the dead student doubled as an escort, complicates things.

Annie's nose is twitching. She smells a good story but it would be helpful if the incompetent newsroom "boob" Dick Whitfield wasn't shadowing her and if her boyfriend, Tom wasn't doing his job as a police detective by withholding information she needs to follow the story. Then there's the dreamy Frank Sinatra look-alike that seems to be stalking her.

Annie negotiates the labyrinth of inconvenience and begins to uncover a corruption network that may even involve her own attorney mother. When another murder of a Yale student-turned-escort occurs, Annie knows no one is safe, not even her. This could be a story that costs her her job or even her life.

Annie Seymour is a bright, sassy and gutsy lady who likes to do things her way and without any interference from anyone, including boyfriend, boss, co-workers and mother. She has a good sense of purpose and uses snappy self-talk to work out in her head the stupidity of others.

Olson writes a good story with snappy patter and likeable characters. I'm looking forward to the next Annie Seymour outing. I suspect Olson is only going to mature as a writer.

Arnchair Interviews says: Think Janet Evanovich, and you'll have some idea of Olson's style.

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