Reign of the Rat

Published By: Ad Lib Books Llc

Book Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

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Reviewed by Barbara Broom

A rice farmer in Nepal falls to his knees in pain, then notices the loss of several fingernails. Later his toenails begin falling off. That is only the beginning. He and others begin to die quick and horrific deaths. Archaeobiologist Michael Cohen and his former significant other, Dr. Alice Morgan-Wright begin a frantic investigation and search for cure that takes them all over the world as the virulent disease (leprosy) spreads. The disease is spread from lung to lung (breathing) and is resistant to all known cures. And a cure must be found or this new plague will continue to spread, infecting and killing everyone in its path.

Cohen and Morgan-Wright race against time but are followed by assailants whose job is to thwart their efforts. They have each other and twelve-hundred-year-old amulet of the Order of St. Lazarus to protect them. The only hope for the world is to locate the frozen corpse that had been destroyed by the Black Plague. Will Cohen and Morgan-Write escape those whose job it is to stop them? Will they find a cure? Will a cure, if found, be in time to stop the spread of the disease?

Armchair Interviews says: Reign of the Rat is a breathless race against time and an unseen enemy. It is a well-written, fast-paced medical thriller that will keep you fascinated as you turn the pages. The plot is plausible and that makes it truly scary. We'd like to see more medical thrillers from Smolin.

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