Really Unusual Bad Boys

Published By: Kensington

Book Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Lois Commoner has had a bad time of it lately. Her father died (well, she really doesn't miss him all that much), her mother died (now mom she misses), and since she'd been shot at almost a year ago, she awakes each day to incredible knee pain. What she really wants to do is die. Pills are the answer... The thing is, they knock her out, they just don't kill her.

Waking to a puma, who becomes a man and then a puma and then a man... You get the idea. Lois is literally in another world where she is claimed in a bridefight by the king's son Damon (who is first in line for the throne) and she must make a decision whether she will return to her world: earth. Complicating matters is Lois' intense attraction to her new husband Damon (who really doesn't seem to like wearing clothes). The king's other sons each find a woman they wish to "mate" with and then the king finds a woman. And what a woman! Lois has some thoughts and words about the woman in the king's life...

Armchair Interviews says Really Unusual Bad Boys is a sizzling fast beach read with an interesting, unique and creative plot. My criticism is that Lois isn't particularly likeable as a heroine. She's just too harsh and vulgar and that detracted greatly from the read. I'd like to give another of MaryJanice Davidson's books a try to see if this was just an anomaly.

Note: Explicit sex and a lot of it.

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