Rain Dance

Published By: Pleasant Word

Book Category: Fiction, Christian

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Rain Dance by Joy DeKok is a journey into real life in the form of fiction. DeKok fully explores the terrain of infertility and abortion. Thousands of women in our nation and the world daily face both issues. These subjects are not often covered in Christian fiction and really should be. DeKok tackles the subject of infertility and abortion respectfully, with deep feelings and great understanding.

Jonica is struggling to come to terms with her inability to bear a child. Stacie is pregnant but isn't ready to be a mother. The two women meet in the waiting room of a medical clinic. And as dissimilar as they are, they just can't forget each other. They do the one thing they didn't count on. They reach out to each other, and along the way they become friends.

Jonica offers friendship to Stacie who is devastated following her abortion. She shares her faith in God with Stacie and patiently waits for God to work in Stacie's life. And Stacie, sharing her grief with Jonica, helps Jonica begin to accept her infertility. But it is when both step out in faith and really hear God that the healing begins.

The story is told in the alternating voices of Jonica and Stacie, and I enjoyed getting into each woman's head.

Armchair Interviews says that DeKok's characters are full, rich and real. The storyline is difficult but DeKok handles it adeptly. No matter your feelings about the subject matter, Rain Dance will touch your heart.

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