Posture, Get It Straight!

Published By: Expert Publishing

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Health & Fitness

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Reviewed by Debra Kiefat

Posture, Get it Straight! discusses the widely overlooked secret to long term health care--our posture and how it affects our body, attitudes and outlook on life. More often than not we are reminded that exercise is needed to keep off weight while posture is not discussed. The good news is that regardless of the condition your posture is in, Janice Novak suggests it can immediately be corrected and improve your well being by simply adjusting sitting or standing positions.

Using her suggested stretching exercises to help limber up muscles, trains them for straight posture. My favorite sitting exercise is the trapezoid stretch, which I use when I find myself hanging my head forward while working on the computer. I was amazed to learn that sleeping with a pillow between the knees not only protects the lower back alignment and prevents the weight of the thigh from pulling on the hip socket; it also protects the posture.

After several weeks of using the suggested stretches the author offers, I discovered that good posture affects every area of our lives whether it is recreational or work related.

This book is an excellent reminder that good health begins with posture and that it does play a significant role in our personal long-term care. Who knew that something so simple that harkens back to my mother telling me to straighten my shoulders would be something I still need to be reminded of!

Armchair Interviews says: With so many of us getting computer-itist, this is a great book to put us back in order

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