PEARLS: Philosophies for Living a Robust and Fulfilling Life

Published By: Expert Pub Inc

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

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Reviewed by Pam Lund

When I started reading PEARLS to write this review, I did so with trepidation. How should I go about it? Was I smart enough to analyze my reaction to the book? Would I come out of this with inadequate comments that were not pithy—or with original thoughts?

The Foreword and the Introduction made sense to me. We are born with all the resources we need to make ourselves happy and successful. But without an instruction book, says Lou Tice in the Foreword, "most folks don't bother" to figure it out themselves.

In PEARLS, Greg Tanghe offers that instruction—with philosophies that "will lead you down a path of accepting greater joy in life, filling it with meaning and purpose fulfilled." I could go for that.

To my dismay when reading Chapter One, I was somewhat overwhelmed and wondered what I'd write. Not one to give up, I decided the most sensible thing was to keep a notebook by my side, with a plus and minus column. "You are what you think" was definitely an early plus. By the time I'd finished the book—paying special attention to chapters on Optimism, Money and Your Subconscious Mind, I was surprised to see the plus side filled—and not much in the minus column.

I had emerged with a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic attitude, thanks to Greg Tanghe. Wow! The book has plenty of pointers and wonderful quotes, which we can use even if we've heard it all before. When it comes to training our subconscious mind, repetition can be everything.


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