Ordinary Joy: Finding Fresh Promise in Routine Moments


Book Category: Non-Fiction, Religion

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

Look closer. If you want to see beauty, learn to view ordinary things in a new way, Campeau says. The author is currently a senior pastor of the fast-growing Christ Lutheran Church in Santa Clarita, California.

Campeau says in his introduction that the first key is finding uncommon joy at the center of common life--and that God is in the middle of it. The second key is to recognize the ways in which the simplest areas of life can also be the most profound areas for serving God.

If you read nothing but the questions at the end of each chapter--and give serious thought to the answer, you will be way ahead of things. But let's talk about the content leading up to those outstanding questions. My favorite is in the chapter, "Sometimes the giver is the gift." If you have received a gift without knowing who gave it, how did you feel about receiving it?

The sections are: 1: Discover God on Ordinary Days and 2: Serving God in Ordinary Ways.

In the chapter on being needed, the author states that sometimes we need a break from being needed; when the pressures build, the sacrifice too exhausting, the times we want to run away and hide. Then you ponder: "I wonder if God needs me?" God has chosen to need you and me.

Armchair Interviews says: This book would be a great tool for discussion by a church group because of the thought-provoking content and soul-searching questions.

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