One Tough Mother

Published By: Revell

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Family & Relationships

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Reviewed by Nicole M. Boals

Being a mother can make you a little bit crazy. Listening to all the advice from friends, family, and the nearly endless self-help books, can take that crazy to a whole new level. This book will help calm this craziness with intelligent and sensible advice with a huge dose of humor. It is a quick read that is hard to put down and is one parenting book that you will be very glad you read.

One Tough Mother gives no nonsense advice on how to be a strong woman who is a strong mother. Broken down into ten “non-negotiables,” this book is packed full of great ideas on how to take back your sanity and build love, trust, and respect in your household. Smattered throughout the advice are real stories that give life and context to these ideas. The book is written from a Christian perspective and puts forth some Christian tenants but does so in a way that is subtle and relevant.

Seemingly common sense areas of parenting are sometimes so hard to remember or even feel comfortable with, and this book helps bring them into focus. With chapters like how to say no (I know can comfortably say no in several languages to video game playing) to how to start praying for your children, this book offers tips that every parent can use.

Throughout the book sidebars present great outside resources and concepts. These little quips and links offer some great ideas for additional research and topics. The book concludes with a great appendix that reminds you that you are a woman and as such, you deserve some self-care time and expense. It offers great tips on hair, skin, makeup and general upkeep that a lot of moms mistakenly put on the backburner.

Armchair Interviews says: Great advice, interesting stories, and laugh-out-loud humor, make One Tough Mother one awesome book.

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