My Three Dollar Skirt

Published By: Terri Nelson

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Health & Fitness

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Reviewed by Mayra Calvani

Are you tired of those big diet books that promise fast but unrealistic results, suggest you eat half a grapefruit for a snack and offer in their diet plans recipes that include ingredients like vermouth? Let's face it--these are not realistic options for moms on the run!

In her vivacious booklet (only 42 pages), My Three Dollar Skirt: The Official Non-Official Health and Fitness Guide, Nelson offers women--especially forty-something moms--an easy solution to lose weight, maintain it, and keep energy levels high.

The author begins by relating the humorous anecdote that led to the writing of the guide, then shares her diet and exercise plan in a few easy steps. The difference between hers and other diet books lies in Nelson's wise simplicity. She divides her exercise plan into three parts: arms, abs, and aerobic dance, which she calls AerobaZing. Nothing original in the long run, except she sets limits for each, making the whole thing entirely doable and approachable. Arms and abs, for instance, are not to be worked out more than five minutes each, three times a week. She describes which exercises to make and also explains how to plan the dancing session so it'll be fun, exhilarating and, most importantly--quick!

As for the diet, there's no specific plan or menu, although Nelson lists the foods to avoid and finishes with Top Ten Tips.

This is not a diet book written by an expert or a doctor. It is a little guide that, using logic and common sense, offers you an easy and obvious way to stay in shape. It is written in a chatty style that engages the reader. The fact that it is so short makes it accessible to busy moms. In fact, if it were any longer it would defeat its purpose.

Armchair Interviews says: Contains wise and simple information

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