Minnesota Weather Almanac

Published By: Minnesota Historical Society Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Nature

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

"Nice weather, isn't it?" So goes a typical Minnesota greeting--and if the weather isn't NICE, weather comments are still foremost in our greeting.

If you love to watch, think, talk about or curse the weather, the Minnesota Weather Almanac will give you a better understanding of the range of our weather.

"Cold enough for you?"

If you like tidbits like: "What is the record for consecutive days of temperatures never rising above freezing (32F) in the Twin Cities (p. 85), the choices are 18, 42 and 66. Gads, the answer is 66 days, from December 19, 1977 to February 12, 1978. As they said in the Grumpy Old Men movie --- Brrrrrrrrrr.

Whether you are a weather novice or a junkie, this book has it all. Author climatologist Mark Seely is also a Minnesota Public Radio commentator. He has organized the information by seasons, and gives you enough facts and figures for many family dinners or long car rides. It includes quizzes, historical weather pictures, and definitions (what is a wind ripple? p.69).

Some of the granddaddy of storms are listed like: Out of the more than 1400 Minnesota tornadoes (from 1920-2005), how many have been classified as F-5s, with wind speeds more than 261 miles per hour? Choices: 7, 15 or 32. Answer is 7 and the most recent was in Chandler in Murray County, June 16, 1992.

Armchair Interviews says: Minnesota Weather Almanac is a great book for people who love facts, making this an idea gift for dad or granddad, as men seem to revel in spouting facts, right?

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