Man in the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob)

Published By: Candlewick

Book Category: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

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Reviewed by Oliver, age 5 who lives in England

"Bob has a very strange job he cleans the moon! It's really exciting because when he gets up for work you'll never guess how he gets there--not in a car like my Mummy but by rocket!"

When he has cleaned the moon, he has visitors from earth in the afternoon. There were lots of aliens on the moon and some of them sneak back to earth with him in his rocket at the end of the day.

I didn't really like them because they were hiding on lots of different pages in all strange places. Mummy says they won't hide in my room though as they only know Bob and they're really his friends."

Armchair Interviews says: Man in the Moon is exciting!

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