Man In The Middle

Published By: Grand Central Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Suspense

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Reviewed by Jeff Foster

Sean Drummond is back, with a new rank and a new assignment, however his cynical attitude remains the same.

At the scene of what readily appears to be the suicide of a shadowy member of Washington's intelligence industry, Drummond meets a gorgeous U.S. Military Police Investigator Bian Tran. Closer examination of the scene, the body and the effects left at the scene, clue the two investigators that more is behind the death than a simple suicide of a man about to be exposed as one of the catalysts that sent the U.S. to war in Iraq.

After thorough examination of the crime scene and in-depth questioning of the victim's wife, Tran and Drummond surmise the victim was murdered, but forces above their pay grade in the Pentagon and State Department are blocking all attempts to call it anything but a suicide. Frustrated by this, Drummond finds himself in front of his own superiors, who lay out the case's intricacies in order to rein in their investigation. It all seems to begin and end with the next Prime Minister of Iraq, an ex-patriot before the war, now the most powerful man in the country, who may have switched sides and is now in bed with Iran.

Here begins an odyssey that takes Tran and Drummond to Iraq and into the deep, dark depths of U.S. operations inside the beleaguered country. As they peel away the layers of deception put up to stop them, the two investigators and the in-country soldiers and spooks tasked to assist them, encounter one deviation after another. Drummond perceives he's being set up, for what he cannot tell, but it's coming and he's powerless to stop it. Nefarious deals and random killings are a part of life in Iraq--and he is in the thick of it.

Brain Haig is able to recreate the dust, dirt and grit of Iraq as only a person that has been there can do. The deception and callous expenditure of life both inside and outside of the world's intelligence agencies is recreated into a story that hooks you from the start and keeps you reading to the end.

Armchair Interviews says: Well-set-up thrills and chills.

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