Levi's Will

Published By: Bethany House

Book Category: Fiction, Christian

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

W. Dale Cramer, author of Levi's Will, proves himself a master storyteller with an obvious passion for "getting it right." His prose is beautiful and his characters are drawn so realistically that you will believe you've known them forever. And when the story concludes, you'll realize you've grown to love them all, even the difficult ones, and you won't want to say good-bye.

Will Mullet is 19 when he flees Ohio, his Amish family and the girl he got pregnant. He enlists in the military, meets Helen and marries her, has two sons and settles down to live as if he had no past. But his Amish life catches up with him and he's forced to tell his wife the truth, which includes his father's unrelenting judgment of him, the Amish ban and the child he left behind.

Will's father is rigid, extremely harsh and slow to allow the prodigal son back into the fold. Only when Will "let's go" and forgives his father, does his father begin his own acceptance of Will and allow him to come home again.

The tragedy of pride, which kept a family separated and seeped into the next generation, broke my heart. The process of forgiveness and healing lifted me up and gave me hope. And love... the proof of God made my heart sing.

Cramer deftly weave's Will story between their Amish world and our world and travels between time periods with ease. And he introduces the reader to a world we are curious about but that as outsiders, we rarely are allowed to visit.

Levi's Will has joined my Armchair Interviews 2005 top ten list of favorite novels.

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